The jewelry I've created reflects my attitude towards the need to be motivated, inspired, and encouraged when tackling hard things.

From forcing myself to get out and walk a couple blocks after my 4th child to finishing 2 Ironman Triathlons, I know what helps to conquer a goal.

I've been a Fitness Expert for over 10 years. I am co-founder of GPP Fitness and Founder of GPP Endurance. My fitness experience consists of finishing dead last in my first marathon to completing 2 Ironman Triathlons. I am a coach, trainer, team manager, race volunteer, and more importantly a mother and a wife.

I believe that where there is no strength, there is none to give. We each need to find our own strength and our own way of testing it. These jewelry pieces can be a reminder of our strength, a reminder of who we are, of what we can do. Do something that scares you, something that is hard, something that inspires your spirit, and that inspires the people you love. It's fun!!

When it came to opening a shop I wanted to create some jewelry pieces that were individual, and that when that individual wore them they could feel a little more determined and confident in their fitness goals. And maybe even make you and the people who see you wearing it, smile. Laughter is also a big part of fitness. The camaraderie that we can enjoy as athletes goes a long way to motivate, encourage, and inspire each of us to reach a little farther in our efforts.

I love the look of leather and antique silver. I love to knit and crochet, so I am experimenting with that combination and hope to soon have some of my creations listed in the shop. I love unique, classy, and edgy looks that target someone's emotions. And that when you wear it, it gives you butterflies...

Strut Your Charm!

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